5 ways SEO content can help your bottom line

There’s a common misconception that just by having a website, you will get more customers. Although it might give you something to add to your business card, simply having a website is just the first step. Digital marketing experts at Slinky Digital have given us five ways online marketing content can help your bottom line.

It brings more traffic to your website

SEO content, also known as search engine optimised content, is all about increasing the traffic to your website. If you’re selling a product or service, this is very important. If your website is sitting stagnant without traffic or anything to offer customers, it can have an impact on your business.

In this digital age, having a business purely in a physical sense can be detrimental. You cannot rely on foot traffic alone. In just a six-month period in 2016, Australians made 15.9 percent more online purchases than the six-month period prior.

Online shopping is only set to increase. This is why SEO content is so important. If you can use it your advantage to increase traffic to your website, you can most certainly have a much healthier bottom line.

It offers a better conversion rate
Businesses often get websites to increase their product sales and inquiries for services. However, it’s not as simple as setting up the website and waiting for the phone call. SEO content can help your business get a better conversion rate.

This means that whoever visits your website is more than likely there to make a purchase or inquire about a service. This is because SEO content features keywords which relate to your business and also to the customer’s needs. For example, if someone is looking for wedding dresses online, they will often Google search “wedding dresses to buy” or “Australian wedding dress businesses”. If you make sure your website features several keywords associated with the most commonly searched topics on Google, your chances of being one of those websites visited increases. SEO experts can help you find those keywords that can give you a better conversion rate.

It gives you a better Google ranking
It can often be frustrating for business owners to search for their business on Google only for it not to appear. With billions of websites on the internet, it’s not generally a surprise. But your website could be on the very first page of Google with a little planning and good use of SEO content. By using SEO content, you have a far better chance of appearing on the first or second page of Google results than someone who doesn’t use SEO content. If you’re offering a product or service that people want, your Google ranking is all the more important.

In order to achieve a better Google ranking, you should talk to a Google ranking expert.

They will help you analyse the keywords and content you need to have in order to make sure your website features highly. Invest money to make money.

It can help you do better than your competition
You won’t be the first to admit that you often search for your competition to see how they are placed in the market. The ultimate goal for many businesses is to make sure they are doing better than their competition. There’s no shame in that. If you’re looking to get one step ahead of the game, and of your competition, SEO content can help.

Depending on your industry, there’s a good chance your direct competition may not be aware of all the ins and outs of branding and SEO use for better brand awareness.

There could also be nothing more satisfying than realising your competition is now in the distance, but behind you instead of in front.

It does wonders for brand awareness
A business must put in the work to make sure their brand is recognised not only locally, but online as well. The ultimate goal is for your customers to instantly think of your business every time they need a product similar, or the same, to what you sell.

For example, when you search ‘chicken nuggets’ on Google, McDonalds appears near the top.
Many people think of McDonalds when they think of chicken nuggets because it’s one of their main products and it’s pushed through advertising.

You want your business to be thought of in the same way, and SEO content can help.
Focus on making sure your products feature plenty of script within your web page.
Make sure all the content is made up of keywords most commonly searched for on Google.
In time, this will have a significant impact on your brand both locally and further afield.