How To Achieve The Maximum ROI For Your Removalists Business From PPC Ads

Any removalists business that wants to use online marketing to boost their revenue, whilst at the same time is looking for the fastest possible results, then the online marketing channel they should be focussing on is pay per click advertising (PPC). PPC offers businesses an opportunity to see traffic being sent to their website within an hour of their ads going live.

As appealing as that might seem, there are countless examples of businesses setting up and running PPC campaigns only for them to see poor returns or worse, no returns at all. These problems are not signals that PPC does not work but are instead an indicator that a business has not set their PPC ad campaign up correctly.

The appeal of almost instant traffic means some businesses are tempted to rush in and set up ads with little thought or reason. As such they use the wrong keywords, they have poor ad copy, and they set click bids and daily budgets that do not make any sense. If you are a removalists business we do not want you to make the same mistakes, so here are 5 ways you can maximise your ROI from PPC advertising.

Spy On Your Competition

By spying on your competition we do not mean bug their phone and covertly video their office. Instead, you should identify how they are using PPC, and it is a lot easier than you may think it is. How they are using PPC is in the open as you can easily see their ads on Google. Other software can identify what companies are bidding for keywords so with all that information you can now ensure that you set up your campaign and your ads more effectively than your competitors have.

Take Time To Identify Optimal Keywords

If you can get this part of PPC ads correct, then you are almost certain to succeed. Too many advertisers go after the top keywords or for too few keywords and that is not the way to do keyword research. There are several keyword tools that you can use to identify dozens, if not hundreds, of keywords that might be searched for when someone is looking to move home or office and need removalists, including search terms related to your local catchment area.

Set Sensible Bids And Realistic Daily Budgets

Unless you have an unlimited budget for PPC, its success, and the ROI that follows, will not be helped by wasting money going after a handful of the top keywords. Instead, it will come from you bidding on several longtail, medium to low search keywords where you are likely to have very little competition for clicks, and best of all, the cost per click for these keywords will be a fraction of what they are for the top keywords. This also allows you to set an affordable daily budget.

Use Ad Copy That Ensures Clicks

Many businesses forget that at the core of a PPC campaign you are trying to sell something. What you are trying to sell is a click through to your website, and succeeding or failing in this goal will depend almost entirely upon the copy within your ad. Most PPC ads use little text, so you have to make sure that your ad copy sparks the person’s interest immediately, and enthuses them sufficiently to click it. If need be, employ a copywriter to write your ads for maximum clicks.

Monitor, Tweak And Test

PPC campaigns are not a set and forget process. They are the complete opposite. They continually evolve through monitoring, tweaking, and testing how much any change improves or diminishes the ad’s success. Few businesses using PPC monitor their ads properly and even fewer take the time to try to improve them. So, if you commit to this, you will find your ROI increasing each time.