Social Media Followers

5 Tips For Engaging With Your Social Media Followers

If you’re someone who manages social media marketing campaigns for a law firm or a group of lawyers such as Family Lawyers Perth, then you’re probably already aware of the importance of engaging with your followers regularly. However, you might not know the best way to do this.

Not knowing the best way to engage with your followers on social media can result in significant losses in potential income and clients. This is especially true when it comes to law firm marketing, as people simply won’t follow your page or profile unless you have something special to offer them.

With this in mind, here are out tip 5 tips for engaging with your social media followers:

  1. Reply To As Many Comments As Possible

One of the keys to mastering social media engagement is replying to comments. When you post something, people will comment. However, what you need to do is reply to them in an engaging, interested manner that shows them that you care about their opinions and what they think. Doing so will help people connect with you and your brand, and will help increase page awareness.

  1. Use Emojis!

Believe it or not, emojis are one of the best weapons in your toolkit as a social media marketer. Using emojis is a great way to convey your emotions, feelings, and general sentiment to your followers, especially in comments. For example, using a simple smiley face emoji will let your followers know that you’re happy, which in turn will make them more comfortable.

  1. Reply To Messages Quickly

If people message you via your social media page, then it’s super important to make sure that you reply to them as quickly as you can. Doing so will show them that you’re serious about doing business, and that you are lawyers that care about your clients.

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Spy On Your Competitors

Using Social Media To Spy On Your Competitors

Using social media marketing as a way to market your brand, products or services is something you should know about already but have you ever thought about using it to gather information on your competitors?

Before we go any further we are not talking here about industrial espionage and stealing secrets from your competitors. Instead, we are looking at social media as a legitimate means to see what other businesses in your niche, sector or industry are doing publicly and using that information to improve what you do in your business.

The first thing to realise is that the social media pages and profiles of most businesses are in the public domain anyway. This means anyone, including you, is able to see what they post, and read any of the updates, quotes and comments that they make. Most people seeing them will just take the post at face value, but for you, they can contain golden nuggets of information.

Your first step is to make a list of those companies and organisations that are either direct competitors to you or who operate within your niche, even if what they market or sell isn’t directly in opposition to you. You should then take the time to determine what steps you need to take to see what these companies and organisations are posting on the most popular social media sites. This could include setting up profiles and then following the company’s page or group.

For example, on Facebook, you may need to request to join their group page for updates, or on Twitter, it might simply be a case of finding a company’s profile and following it. Every social media site has its own way that you can follow someone, so do whatever it requires on each particular site.

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Social Media Marketing

Basics Of Using Social Media Marketing

Business owners across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social media marketing to their sales and profits. If you are not one of them and until now you had believed social media was only for teens and geeks then this article will enlighten you on how you can use it to promote your business.

Looking at the vast number of social media sites on the internet you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. In truth, there is no need to use all of them, but there are a few that your business should certainly have a presence on. The main ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and if all you ever did was focus on these four, your business would have very positive results.

These four sites all work very differently in terms of what content is used, how it is posted, how users interact and how they increase the profile of your business. Regardless of their differences, one important thing you want to have in place is for your business’s profile on each of these sites to link out to the others.

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