Who Offers Onsite Computer Repairs in Adelaide?

Who Offers Onsite Computer Repairs in Adelaide?

If you’re in Adelaide and your computer’s gone on the fritz, you might be wondering, “Where’s the best spot to get it sorted without leaving your own backyard?” That’s where the team at Chase Online Systems, the legends behind Chase Computer Repairs, steps in.

Chase Computer Repairs: A True Blue Adelaide Story

Let’s head back to the ’80s – 1986, to be precise. That’s when this now-iconic Adelaide tech repair shop kicked off. They started out fixing TVs and videos before diving headfirst into computers in the mid-’90s. By 2005, Chase Computer Repairs was up and running, built on a solid foundation of family values and a fair dinkum passion for technology.

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Responsive Website

The Road to a Professional and Responsive website

Many businesses in Australia depend on the Internet for updating their customers on their availability and what they do in general. That is why many investors go an extra mile to have a website that represents them in the online side of things. With the current fast changing technology, web design has become another victim where trends and fads come and go.

Keeping an excellent website can be simple and hard at the same time based on how you understand and interpret the basic rules of good design habits. The following guideline advises you on what you should consider.

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Digital Agency

Why Hiring A Digital Agency To Design Your Website Makes Sense

If there is one element of starting an online business that we would always recommend you don’t do yourself, it is web design. Instead of employing a digital agency like Slinky Digital Agency to do all the work, many business owners try to cut corners by doing it themselves, only to find that weeks or even months later, they’re stuck with a website that doesn’t work, and a whole heap of their time and energy has been wasted.

Using a digital agency to design and build your website has so many advantages, not least is the fact that you are freed from the stress, and time commitments needed to build it all yourself.

Once you have chosen a digital agency to work with, the first thing they will need to know is exactly what sort of business you are starting as this will influence greatly the type of website you need. Too often the ‘do-it-myself’ brigade will have visions of a multi-page website with all sorts of plug-ins and background apps when in fact all they needed was simple landing page and maybe a blog.

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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram For Different Types of Businesses: The Pros and Cons

Every 1-2 years a brand-new social media platform emerges in the headlines as quickly amassing tens of millions of new daily users. For small and medium sized businesses, what quickly follows that is the question ‘should we be on that too?’.

That’s totally reasonable. Businesses that adopt new technologies and ad platforms quickly tend to grow faster than competitors. But on the other hand, for every ‘Facebook’ that grows and stays large and influential, there are many like Myspace, Friendster or Bebo that disappear into nothing.

So that’s why, with the help of online marketing experts, Oxygen Marketing, we’ll go through some of the largest and most influential social media platforms here and highlight the pros and cons of each depending on your business.

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Retargeting – What It Is, and Why It Creates Buyers

The idea and practice of social media marketing is something that is continually evolving. A prime example of that is that just 15 years ago if someone had mentioned the words Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, they would have had nothing in return except a lot of raised eyebrows wondering what they were talking about.

Today, even those who do not use the internet will have heard of them, and they are established mediums for social media marketing. The fact is that new concepts and methods of online marketing appear regularly.

One such method is retargeting, which might sound like something out of a military campaign, but the only things which get fired are not guns and missiles, but cookies.

What Is Retargeting?

To be honest, the clue is in the name. Retargeting is basically a marketing strategy that enables you to retarget people who have visited your website after they have left. The technology behinds it involves the use of cookies, which are tiny files that are stored in the browser of anyone who visits a website.

If you have been online, which you obviously have if you are reading this, you are bound to have seen pop-ups and messages asking for your permission to allow cookies to be used. Recent data protection laws mean that most cookies cannot just be automatically added to your browser without your permission.

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Web Designer

5 Questions to Ask Your New Web Designer

If the time has come for your business to enter the digital age, a new website might be in order. But it can be difficult to know who the best web designer is for you. After all, web design is a complex task and one which varies from one web designer to the next.

Below are five questions you should ask the person completing your web design.

How much can I expect to pay for web design?

Web design varies in price depending on what you require and the web designer itself. The figure you might have in your head may greatly differ from what the actual cost is. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars for a good website and generally it’s money well spent.

While asking about the total cost, you should also ask how they expect to be paid. Most web designers will require a deposit, and then instalments based on each section of your website build. If they are doing the web design, development and copy writing, they may ask you to pay for each section separately. The other option is to pay by page. There is no set payment method so it’s important you ask your web designer what they expect from you.

Do you know much about internet marketing and search engine optimisation?

If your website can’t be marketed properly, or be found in search engines, there is very little reason for it to exist. No marketing and no traffic means no visitors to your site. This means thousands of dollars potentially wasted. Find out from your web designer how they can help you achieve more traffic. They may be able to attach a blog section to your site in order to keep it up to date with keywords and content, as well as inserting Facebook pixels into the backend to allow data transferred to Facebook users. Get their advice on the best way to deliver traffic to your website, and find out how to monitor this traffic.

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web design

Our Top Tips For Putting Your Website Above Your Competitor’s

Okay, so you have built a website, included everything relevant to your business, and even gone into some of your more unique aspects. However, you might find that you don’t really get a lot of organic traffic to your new site, and that it doesn’t really generate any new business for you.

Why is this?

Basically, it is because your website is the same as all of the others out there. Let’s say, for example, that you own a small plumbing business. In a large city, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses like you. Unless you stand out, people will never find you.

You need to take some drastic web design actions to make your website stand out above and beyond those of your competitors. With the help of Responsive Websites Perth we have listed our top tips for doing so:

Develop a USP

Unique selling propositions, or USPs, are one of the main things which make certain websites stand out. If you just go along with the mainstream process of building a website, there won’t be anything special about your site. Developing a USP which separates you from your competition will make it much easier for customers to find you, and much more likely that they will want to do business with you.

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Web Design Mistakes

The Web Design Mistakes to Avoid When Launching an Online Business

It is very important for an online business to have a well-designed and efficient website. This not only makes it easier for customers to navigate through but also ensures that their first-hand experience with the online business is pleasant. For the website to be advantageous for the customers, it is important that the web design is not only effective, but it also is a part of the overall web strategy of the company. Online businesses need to ensure that their web design is professional and at the same time attractive so that customers feel comfortable using it and the business can attract and foster a loyal client base. Some of the web design mistakes that online businesses should avoid when launching their business are:

  • Web Design is Random and Visionless: Make sure that the business has an overarching strategy for the website. Any web design would be ineffective if it is utilized randomly. The website should portray the organizational mission and purpose. It should be appealing to the target market, and should be handled and updated accordingly. Thus, web design should be aligned with the overall business strategy.

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eCommerce for Online Businesses

How eCommerce Can Open Doors of Opportunities For Online Businesses

Technology has completely revamped the way business is done nowadays. More and more online businesses are entering the global market place as we speak and traditional businesses also are working hard to establish their presence online. eCommerce and its boom have had an important part to play in this. eCommerce made it possible for firms to expand their horizons and expand their reach exponentially. It is now possible for a craftsman in India to have clientele in USA, UK, Australia and handle them online through the use of eCommerce. Implementation of eCommerce to traditional businesses has also enabled the firms to bolster their profits as well.

Online businesses have reaped a lot of benefits from eCommerce. The prime benefits have been reaching a wider customer base and making engagement and transactions with them possible, easy and secure. Due to these factors, the bottom line of online business’ is also positively impacted as it helps the business in reducing administrative costs as well. Thus, more and more online businesses have integrated eCommerce in their platforms and are reaping the benefits.

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