ServicesNew Builds

Chase Computer Repairs can custom build a computer to your requirements. Custom built pc’s give you the benefit of having a new pc designed to perform the tasks you want it to.

Choice of:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • DVD/CD-ROM Drive(s)
  • Operating System(s)
  • Software
  • Case
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Monitor
  • Printer

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Computer and Printer repairs
Chase Computer Repairs can carry out repairs to all computers, notebooks, printers, scanners, monitors, etc.

From faulty hardware to virus or spyware infestations, slow pc operation, poor print quality or any other repairs you require.

  • Increase operation speed of computer
  • Stability of computer system
  • Peace of mind
  • Picture quality
  • Reliability of entire system
  • Latest patches and updates

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Site Services
Chase Computer Repairs can carry out remote maintenance on servers and perform onsite service of networks and servers.

We can also design and build a complete system for your home or office, including real servers.

Having a real server allows for consolidation of email, file storage and backing up of data
Remote maintenance provides almost instant response to problems
Onsite service provides a way of repairing machines without the need to transport them

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Digital Camera Repairs
Chase Computer Repairs can carry out repairs to any brand of digital camera.

Camera malfunctions fixed
Camera dead? See us before you throw it out!

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