Web Hosting

What Are The Types Of Web Hosting?

The professional web hosting company Slinky Web Hosting recommends various hosting solutions. Some are better suited to larger websites with extensive content and high traffic volumes, but there are also plenty of options available for those with smaller budgets.

Every single type of hosting has its pros and cons. Some are very cheap (or even free), while others offer complete versatility and customizability. Some of the most popular types of web hosting include:

Free Hosting:

Free hosting generally comes in the form of websites with a company name attached to the domain. They don’t cost anything, so they are often useful for non-essential websites or blogs which are designed to share information with a certain group of people. Free web hosting is usually very limited. You won’t have a lot of storage space, load speeds will be slow if you have a lot of visitors, and customisability may be very limited.

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