The Road to a Professional and Responsive website

Many businesses in Australia depend on the Internet for updating their customers on their availability and what they do in general. That is why many investors go an extra mile to have a website that represents them in the online side of things. With the current fast changing technology, web design has become another victim where trends and fads come and go.

Keeping an excellent website can be simple and hard at the same time based on how you understand and interpret the basic rules of good design habits. The following guideline advises you on what you should consider.

Give your website the space it needs

Here is a golden rule that is also simple: “Your content should be visible with enough breathing room.” When designing, on the CSS side, assign the appropriate margins and padding not forgetting to give the right legibility and focus. Don’t display walls of text since not many users follow every detail.

One or two adverts is okay but too many pop-ups, buttons and banners do you no good. Break the information using bold headings, sub headings and paragraphs that are easy to read. Communicating your agenda can also be done by using pictures and icons. Keep it simple. Less is more!

Go for a fact finding mission

Reading this information is a step closer to becoming a successful designer. However, it is a shrewd move to sharpen the tools by touring on some of the websites that are related to what you are offering. Take your time there and evaluate on what you like and don’t like about them. If you happen to like how a certain site displays their services, get some ideas there and incorporate them into your design. It does not have to be everything; even a small icon can be a great move.

Easy to read text

The text is what defines your website since it is how users know what you provide. Since your aim is to answer the asked questions, consider the following when it comes to typography.

Match your colours: Don’t give the readers a headache by colour crashing. Good examples include keeping a white background and the text not having so bright colours. Some hue on it makes things excellent. The last thing you need is difficulty in reading whatever is being displayed.

Font and font-size: Have a theme for your fonts and go for up to three, and not more than that. Tiny fonts are not a good impression so make it larger than you expect – minimum at 16pixels. Some fonts to consider may include San serif typeface for the headings and serif typeface or Helvetica for normal text.

Practice Visual hierarchy for easy navigation

It is okay to wonder what this is. The term ‘visual hierarchy’ is used to explain how your eyes roll when viewing web space. It is a pattern that can aid in optimizing what is important. For example, it is a good idea to put buttons you want to be clicked at the left or centre top since eyes move from left to right and top to bottom. This means that placing a sign-up button on the top left side, for example, will trigger more clicks than may be on the right or somewhere in the bottom.

Make your website responsive

Google heavily recommends having an RWD (Responsive Web Design) by designing your site in a way that it can be accommodated by various screen sizes. Your site should look great both on the desktop and the smartphone or tablet. Having a responsive design that can adapt to different screen sizes comes with the following advantages:

  • You save time, money and resources by having one website for all screens.
  • It helps in SEO ranking since there is only one URL for all the pages whether on the desktop or smartphone.
  • Google analytics have better results since all devices are considered.
  • Social media statistics also have a better picture since all the links on desktops and mobile devices have the same URL.
  • Maintaining the site is easy. Since there are no server-side components involved, the only thing needed is for you to play around with the supporting CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to change how the site appears on different devices.

Parting shot

Do you want a good website that receives the attention you are seeking? Follow the above points and combine them with the best programming techniques. Nothing makes you feel satisfied like users commenting, “A guru was involved in your site’s design!”