Why Hiring A Digital Agency To Design Your Website Makes Sense

If there is one element of starting an online business that we would always recommend you don’t do yourself, it is web design. Instead of employing a digital agency like Slinky Digital Agency to do all the work, many business owners try to cut corners by doing it themselves, only to find that weeks or even months later, they’re stuck with a website that doesn’t work, and a whole heap of their time and energy has been wasted.

Using a digital agency to design and build your website has so many advantages, not least is the fact that you are freed from the stress, and time commitments needed to build it all yourself.

Once you have chosen a digital agency to work with, the first thing they will need to know is exactly what sort of business you are starting as this will influence greatly the type of website you need. Too often the ‘do-it-myself’ brigade will have visions of a multi-page website with all sorts of plug-ins and background apps when in fact all they needed was simple landing page and maybe a blog.

For this reason, a digital agency can advise what sort of website will be most suitable for the business you are starting, whether that is a full-blown e-commerce site, a single page sales letter, or a more comprehensive corporate site.

The next advantage a digital agency will give you, is they will have already used programmers, designers, and copywriters whose work has been proven to deliver results in terms of the finished website. The alternative is for you to source these contractors yourself, but why go through all the hassle of finding, assessing and then employing all these people separately? Instead, let your digital agency do all this for you.

When you use an agency, even if they themselves subcontract out all the work, you’ll only ever have one point of contact which makes the whole process so much easier for you. Whether you need to discuss the sales copy, the graphics or the functionality of your website, your agency rep is the person who will be responsible for contacting each individual contractor or in-house employee and not you.

As your business develops and expands, you may need changes to be made to your website.  One of the main benefits of building a relationship with a digital agency is with them having already designed your original site, any changes that need to be made to it, or any updates that are required, they will be in a much better position to do the work plus give you further ongoing support.

Whether this is simply a new sales page for a product you are launching or a major update you want for your main site, with you knowing that they have already done a great job of creating your first site, the process of agreeing, designing and creating any further work should be relatively simple and stress-free.